MCP Middle & High School
MCP Middle & High School

Academic Support

Our daily 21st Century Skills class for grades 9-12 is to develop organizational skills and learning tools for each individual. These small classes allow students to complete assignments and deepen learning in a stress-free environment. Students have access to faculty on a one-on-one basis, as well as peer support during this class.


Staff Office hours

Staff member working with student one on one

Faculty and staff are available on campus from 8 - 9 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for open office hours.

Parents, students or teachers can request the opportunity to work together one-on-one during this time. Additional office hours are scheduled by appointment.


Communication about Student Progress

High school students smiling in class
  • We highly value current, timely and open relevant communication
  • Coursework is posted on-line daily
  • Grades are updated weekly by 9 am Mondays

  • Progress reports mailed to parents
  • Staff responds to parent requests for information within 24 hours
  • Open door policy for administration
  • Teacher and Student evaluation based on the school-wide expected learning results updated quarterly and reviewed with each student individually
  • Weekly goal setting and review in each class
  • Skills and strategies for social and academic success reviewed weekly

Portfolio Based Assessment

Three students giving a presentation to class

Our students learn how to present themselves in front of an audience, and the audience size grows as their grade level, skills and confidence increase. We nurture and expect our teens to be confident,  self-aware, perceptive of others, flexible, and curious. 

Nuts and bolts:

  • Students exit exams, anchor projects or presentations for every core class
  • Student work samples and rubrics are compiled to offer a look at the “big picture”



Social Support

Faculty member sitting with middle school students
  • 21st century skills class provides small “home group” experiences and learning

  • Classes emphasize collaborative problem-solving and team work

  • Daily community time to assist with appropriate behavior and socialization
  • Quarterly updates regarding social and emotional status
  • Social Thinking strategies integrated into program
  • Strategic monitoring of social interactions
  • Personal coaching as needed
  • Life skills incorporated into regular class curriculum
  • School-wide performance annually

Multi-level Support

One student providing educational support to another
  • Emphasis is placed on encouraging students to become their own educational advocate
  • Use of the Love and Logic program creates an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Staff development meetings explore each student’s current academic, social, and emotional needs; to create solutions as needed
  • Student Success Team Meetings as needed, supported by administration and attended by teachers, students, parents, and outside support team members as deemed necessary
  • Parent-teacher-student conferences
  • Wraparound program to include the student’s psychiatrists, psychologists, and any other educational  specialists
  • Teacher and student evaluations and goal setting 
  • Open and frequent parent communication through email, phone and in person as needed
  • Daily feedback available to monitor any medication changes made during the school year
  • Daily behavior monitoring is available as needed