Monterey Coast Preparatory
Monterey Coast Preparatory

21ST CENTURY Supports

college readiness

21st Century Skills

The 21st Century Skills class focuses on developing executive function (organization) and metacognition (self-awareness), identifying student specific learning tools (strategies for learning).  It is also a time for students to focus on work completion or to extend or deepen learning in a stress-free supportive environment.  Students have access to one-on-one and peer support during this class.


Staff Office hours

Teachers are available on campus between 8 and 9 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays for office hours. Either the student or the teacher can request the opportunity to work together one on one.

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Communication Regarding Student Progress

  • Coursework is posted on-line daily

  • Grades are updated weekly by 9 am Mondays

  • Progress reports mid-semester each quarter mailed to parents
  • Staff will respond to parent requests for information within 24 hours of receiving a parent inquiry
  • Open door policy for administration
  • Teacher and Student evaluation based on the school-wide expected learning results updated quarterly and reviewed with each student individually
  • Weekly goal setting and review in each class
  • Skills and strategies for social and academic success reviewed weekly

Portfolio Based Assessment

  • Exit exams, Anchor projects or presentations for every core class

  • Student work samples and rubrics are compiled to offer a look at the “big picture”

Social Support

  • 21st century skills class provides small “home group” experiences and learning

  • Classes emphasize collaborative problem-solving and team work

  • Community Time daily to assist with appropriate behavior and socialization
  • Quarterly updates regarding social and emotional status
  • Social Thinking strategies integrated into program
  • Strategic monitoring of social interactions
  • Personal coaching as needed
  • Life skills incorporated into regular class curriculum
  • School Wide Performance annually

Multi-level Support

  • Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their success

  • Emphasis is placed on encouraging students to become their own educational advocate

  • Use of the Love and Logic program creates an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Staff development meetings explore each student’s current academic, social, and emotional needs; to create solutions as needed, and to provide an implementation plan as well as check-in times
  • Student Success Team Meetings as needed, supported by administration and attended by teachers, students, parents, outside support team members in any combination deemed necessary
  • Parent Teacher Student Conferences
  • Wraparound program to include the student’s psychiatrists, psychologists, and any other educational  specialists
  • Teacher / Student evaluations and goal setting quarterly and follow-up meetings with students regarding the teacher / student evaluations to clarify goals or discuss any meaningful variance between the two evaluations
  • Staff meetings every week to clarify, check-in, and plan for success
  • Open and frequent parent communication through email, phone and in person as needed
  • Daily feedback available to monitor any medication changes made during the school year
  • Daily behavior monitoring is available as needed