MCP Middle & High School
MCP Middle & High School

Enrichment classes

At MCP Middle and High School we offer a variety of enrichment classes to support student centered learning in social and academic learning beyond the core curriculum. Enrichment classes are high interest and taught by recognized experts in the field. Each year course offerings will vary over a range of subjects as diverse as bioengineering, electronics and marine science to graphic novels, culinary arts and video productions. All courses at MCP involve the use of applications and technologies for audio, video and multimedia presentations.

Students participating in MCP enrichment class outside


Each class day begins with Health/Exercise. The entire student body and faculty take a brisk walk/run to a nearby park (about 1.5 mile round-trip) and participate together in structured play such as kickball, dodgeball, touch rugby or ultimate frisbee. Substantial literature exists connecting exercise to positive student performance. Exercise has also been proven to benefit students who struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD and ASDs. Lighthearted, non-competitive, structured play builds healthy habits and community spirit.