Monterey Coast Preparatory
Monterey Coast Preparatory

Enrichment classes

At MCP we offer a variety of enrichment classes to support students in social and academic learning beyond the core curriculum. These are high interest and taught by recognized experts in the field. This school year's offerings emphasize applied technologies, presentations and performances.



This advanced science course will focus on lab work related to core concepts in microbiology & bioengineering. Core concepts like bacteria culturing, assays, cell immobilization, and microencapsulation will be covered during the lab. This course is taught through a partnership with Sri and Krishna of Zoiyos, a Silicon Valley BioEngineering company. Sri possesses bachelors and masters degrees in Biomedical Engineering. Krishna's degrees are in computer science and management. 


Digital Media Arts

In this class, students develop their digital skills, organization skills and time management. This semester, students will complete Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Curriculum and start production of the MCP Yearbook and a community-oriented blog. This quarter’s topics include (1) digital citizenship; (2) identity and social construction; (3) creative collaboration; (4) yearbook production; and (5) writing for digital publication.


Drama Fundamentals and Drama Acting

Drama Fundamentals offers many benefits including: the opportunity to connect socially with other students in a fun way; learning perspective taking from an acting role; delivering and reading nonverbal cues; public speaking and acting; creative direction and ideas; costume design and the sense of accomplishment and pride of performing before an audience.

Drama Acting develops on the social communication aspects of "risk" and "reveal" presented in Drama Fundamentals to hone acting skills and develop a clear pathway from emotion to presentation. This course emphasizes formal techniques for acting and performance.


Each class day begins with Health/Exercise. The entire student body and faculty take a brisk walk/run to a nearby park (about 1.5 mile round-trip) and participate together in structured play such as kickball, dodgeball, touch rugby or ultimate frisbee. Substantial literature exists connecting exercise to positive student performance. Exercise has also been proven to benefit students who struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD and ASDs. Lighthearted, non-competitive, structured play builds healthy habits and community spirit.

Manufacturing Technologies and Design

In this course students learn the principals of design and scale using a variety of mediums including K’nex, Lego, poster board, and wood. Students first learn to follow instructions to create models, and then develop models of their own adding motors, lights and electronics as they become more advanced.


In this course students work individually and in teams with Lego Mindstorms to design, program and develop robots.



Speech is a course aimed at introducing students to the basic concepts of communication through creating, recording, editing and performing audio content designed for radio broadcast or podcasts. It aims to make students not only better communicators, but people capable of using sound and technology to tell stories and inform an audience. This course involves listening to and analyzing professional exemplars and the development and performance of original programming.

Video Production

In this class, students work together to produce video content that is viewed by the entire school. Students rotate through different jobs, such as: producer, director, tech-director, audio engineer, camera operator, teleprompter and on-screen talent, to learn all aspects of production.  In addition, they will learn to edit stories and opening sequences. In addition to technical skills this class also emphasizes leadership, teamwork, planning and public speaking.  

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The general purpose of the course is to learn how yoga can be beneficial in every day life. In this class, we will utilize yoga practices to become more physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally aware and resilient. This class will present a brief history and eight limbs of yoga as well as techniques in yoga. Yoga means union, and refers to the union of the body, mind, and breath. It is a system of self‐care that was developed in India and is now practiced all over the world. Yoga develops core strength and helps to develop lung capacity through careful breathing. The main focus in this class will be asana practice, which refers to poses and postures. Emphasis will be placed on correct alignment, safe practice, and listening to our bodies. Emphasis will also be placed on reflecting how it feels for students to find their edge and how yoga is benefiting them.