MCP Middle & High School
MCP Middle & High School


Monterey Coast Preparatory Middle and High School is an alternative school specializing in individualized education programs where students achieve academic, social and emotional success.

Students participating in hands on learning experience

Individual Plans

Individualized lesson plans are developed for each student based on their learning needs and academic goals.




accredited college

preparatory programs

MCP offers accredited college preparatory programs including core subjects, laboratory-based science classes, and opportunities for Honors and AP coursework. We also provide a supportive community with multiple school events, social opportunities, clubs and extracurricular activities.


Two students working together during class

Our Design

We specialize in working with students who have unique and often misunderstood ways of learning. Our approach is to embrace each students' unique personalities, interests and abilities to help them become effective learners.




Learning Programs

MCP is a school for students seeking an alternative education and hands-on experience to prepare for college and career growth. School curriculum places an emphasis on alternative education, acceptance and inclusion for all students and learning styles.


Small group of students in classroom

Small Classes

Students are given the space and support to define success for themselves.


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