MCP Middle & High School
MCP Middle & High School

Lauri Paris (Acupuncturist) and Seth Paris (OT):


“Our son Theo started at MCP in 6th grade and is currently in 8th grade. We took a tour with the Director, Jay Dunlap and knew right away in our hearts and minds that this was the place we needed to be for middle and high school.

We had suffered many struggles in prior schools. Theo is extraordinarily gifted in some areas, and has a unique blend of challenges, including hearing impairment and the need to move and drum when he focuses. Traditional schools, both public and private, and even alternative schools like Montessori and Waldorf, just did not understand how to work with a child like this.

Theo has grown and matured so much in the past one and a half years at MCP! His academic needs are met, he has friends, and most importantly he’s really happy and understood. MCP is a close-knit community school, and students are guided to work through social issues. Theo is friends with everyone in his class, and the relationships keep deepening. There are no “outsiders.” This is a HUGE difference from conventional middle and high schools. As far as the future goes, now in 8th grade it’s clear that he will continue to mature and develop, go to college, have meaningful work, and many friends.

If your child is unhappy or unsuccessful at a conventional school because of their unique differences – run, don’t walk, to tour MCP. Meet the director Jay. Make the money work. The tuition is below or comparable to private schools who don’t have MCP’s low teacher to student ratio. Our families are generally not wealthy; many of us take second jobs or raise money in order to send our students to MCP Middle and high school are not years to simply survive, they are years to grow and thrive!  We are happy to speak with interested parents, feel free to email us at”

Paul Dembry (Software Engineer) and Pennie Dembry (Professional Volunteer):


“Our child started MCP in 8th grade, and is currently in 9th grade. Our first impression of the school online was that it was for kids who were more academically "challenged,"  which wasn’t for us. However after a tour with director Jay we were excited.

At his prior school, our child was severely teased and bullied, and suffered from depression and ADHD, which the school never addressed. Now at MCP he is much calmer, not being teased, and is getting the emotional support he needs. He also has better perspective on others' struggles. We have our happy kid back. There is no doubt that he will go to a four-year college.

Give MCP a chance! It is a different approach, and the staff is supportive and caring and really want to do what will best help your child succeed and be prepared for the next step. (Even if sometimes, the student might not agree!) This school has been a lifesaver. We don't know where would be if he wasn't at MCP last year. He was allowed to get better emotionally without struggling with unnecessary school issues. Also, the other parents are great!”

Hilary Stern (Veterinarian):


”My son Jacob is an 8th grader at MCP. He started in 6th grade. We had a problem at our former school because Jacob wasn't doing the work; not because he wasn't capable of doing the work, but because the teachers didn't have the time or the training to follow through with him. 

At MCP, Jacob is doing very well. MCP is successfully addressing both his strengths (math, science) and his less preferred subjects (English, social studies). He’s doing very well academically and has good friends, which is wonderful. This was not true at his former school. I am more confident that he will be able to fulfill his academic potential in college and beyond. 

MCP truly offers an individualized education to its students. This is not just lip service, but the real deal! It’s is a great school for bright and gifted students with learning differences (twice exceptional).”


Lisa Hartman (Speech Pathologist):

“Our son Collin is in 10th grade at MCP, and he started in 7th. My first introduction to MCP was during an Arts and Awards Night and I was so relieved, impressed and excited to find a school that "gets it." I knew that this was the place for us where we could feel confident that our son was understood. Our son has always struggled in school. In 7th grade he was unable to get the assistance he needed in class due to his difficulties with ADHD and increasing anxiety as he continued to struggle. It seemed that no matter how many meetings I had with the teachers and no matter how much I begged them for assistance, it didn't seem to help.

Our son has been at MCP for 2.5 years and he is now able to manage his anxiety, is an active learner and is understanding how he learns best. He has gained confidence as a student and a person. He is earning average grades and continues to rely on the support of his teachers for extra instruction and organizational skills. At MCP he is learning at his own pace.

Socially and emotionally our son has gained confidence to be himself. At MCP he feels safe to be "different" in an environment that is accepting, supportive and balanced. Before MCP our son was controlled by his frustration and anxiety. Now he is much more flexible in his thinking and behavior which allows him to be engaged in his environment and try new things. We now feel confident that his future will be promising. He is thriving, gaining confidence as a learner and is learning how to manage his anxiety. He's happy and more fun to be with. 

I have talked with other parents who have students who struggle in traditional school and encourage them to look into MCP as it might be just what they are looking for in a school that understands and supports children who learn differently and need extra support.”

Christina Hoefer (Veterinarian) and Darren Lam (Business Manager):

“Our son Benjamin is currently in 8th grade at MCP. Formerly Benjamin was in a top public school district, however he did not fit in with the public school format of large class sizes and less individual attention. We liked that MCP had a very good student/teacher ratio, and small class sizes.

Now he is doing very well, we couldn't ask for better! He is interested in school and his classwork, and is doing very well socially. We feel positive about Benjamin’s future, as the MCP environment fosters individual growth by helping students find out about themselves, how they learn, and what their strengths are. The school prepares students for whatever they wish to pursue, whether university or trade school – ultimately giving them the tools to pursue what interests them. Our hope is that our son pursues a future that fosters his interests.

MCP creates a program around the student, not a program that the student has to adapt to! As a result our son is doing great, likes going to school, and is comfortable in his environment.”

SW (Teacher):

“MCP was a much-needed transition from homeschooling. The small size and attentive staff helped make the adjustment easy for all of us. MCP's school culture is nurturing and supportive in every way. The staff does a great job of promoting a safe environment for kids who may have had social problems in other educational environments. The students are inclusive of each other and tolerant of the wide variety of social/emotional development in the student body.

MCP provides an excellent environment for students who are living with mental health issues of all sorts. The staff are proactive and involved, making sure that students receive the support and flexibility they need. Students have ample support for time missed due to health issues, and support at the school with the emotional, social, and educational issues that might arise.

MCP offers the ideal environment for transgender children newly transitioning, both socially and medically. The staff is 100% supportive of using the student's preferred gender, and is well-trained in gender dysphoria and related mental health concerns. The school is flexible enough that students can align their schedules with medical appointments. The student body is very supportive of trans students.”