MCP Middle & High School
MCP Middle & High School


Middle and high school can be a trying time as students attempt to meet social and academic expectations. Students who have felt unsuccessful in traditional school — socially, academically, emotionally, or otherwise — are welcome at Monterey Coast Preparatory Middle and High School, a highly successful alternative to traditional public and private schools. In a nutshell, instead of squeezing a round peg into a square hole, we help our students understand what type of "peg" they are, and expand beyond being placed in any restrictive hole.


WE build PASSIONATE and INSPIRED learners


We specialize in working with students with unique and often misunderstood ways of learning. Our approach is to embrace the students' unique personalities, interests and abilities to help them become passionate and effective learners.

We offer accredited college preparatory programs including core subjects, laboratory-based science classes, and opportunities for Honors and AP coursework. We also provide a supportive community with multiple school events, social opportunities, clubs and extracurricular activities.

Our students are given the space and support to define success for themselves. Students at MCP work to become effective learners who are self-aware, organized and strategic.

Two students working together during a college preparatory program

we use hands-on Experiential learning

MCP student participating in hands on learning experience

Experiential or project-based learning directly involves students in learning that reflects what they will encounter as adults. Experiential learning challenges are interdisciplinary, self-directed and require diverse strategies. Project based learning promotes inquiry, collaboration and motivation. At MCP students make meaning of what they learn in class through personalized learning plans, including frequent activities, field trips, projects and presentations. Experiential learning best prepares students for advanced education, careers, and the world ahead.


we embrace diversity


Howard Gardner, of Harvard University, defined nine distinct types of intelligence, and asserts that human potential is tied to one's learning preferences. Our students are expected to develop their areas of strength and to define strategies for confronting their challenges. The goal at MCP is to develop each student's potential by embracing student centered learning plans and exploring different ways of being intelligent.

Students participating in student centered learning plans

we nurture a SUPPORTIVE LEARNING environment

Middle school students supporting each other on a project

We give our students the opportunity to define success for themselves through student-centered education programs. With faculty, family and community support, students learn tools to navigate special and extra-ordinary needs including ADHD, ASD, exceptional intelligence, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, and different processing styles. From the get-go we emphasize identifying and communicating ones' needs, with confidence, flexibility, and emotional intelligence. 

MCP's academic policies and daily routines build in common accommodations found in public school 504 and IEP plans. we employ best practices that promote individual education for all students school-wide